prude song, Thimble Literary Magazine (forthcoming)

The Highs and Lows of Being a Non-Binary Nanny, Xtra Magazine


devotion, Room Magazine

The Relief and Anxiety of Rejecting Performative Femininity, IN Magazine

35mm, Vagabond City Lit

Little Figures, Bottlecap Press

Worm’s Last Heart, Our Canada (Print, February/March Issue)


leaving you a voicemail, Windows Facing Windows

relapse, The Giving Room Review

girl, Barren Magazine

my last meal, Stone of Madness Press

tonight, the sunset, Clandestine Lit

alternate universe for Beverly Marsh, Vagabond City Lit

laid off, late november / THE GREAT CONJUCTION OF JUPITER…, All Guts No Glory


ten things i’m sorry for at different levels of severity in no particular order, Ligeia Magazine

NASA CONFIRMS EVIDENCE OF HIDDEN WATER…/all dyked up with nowhere to go, Anti-Heroin Chic

Which 2020 Taylor Swift Album is Gayer?, IN Magazine

Stop Gentrification to Protect Queer Safe Spaces, IN Magazine

Queering My Body: On Eating Disorders and Coming Out, IN Magazine

re: hands / to put it simply, MacMedia


HERE, Inventio


sister, Vagabond City Lit


All The Places Her Hands Had Been, Dear Damsels


An Apology For What I Cannot Control, Rookie Mag

You Again, Rookie Mag

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